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Frequently Asked Questions

If the answer to your question is not here please get in contact and we will get back to you within 24hours

Im a slow cyclist and worry I will get left behind on the longer climbs.

We have a full support team and guides that will make sure your safe and having fun. Scheduled stops on every route we will be set up waiting for all the riders to come and refuel. These areas will also be used to enable us to regroup.

I have never cycled up a a col in France can I still come on one of your breaks

Yes!!! While you do need to have a good level of fitness we will support you and your efforts every step of the way. For your enjoyment we ask that you be able to cycle comfortably for 3 hours and climb 1500m. If you not that confident are beginner break maybe for you.

How much training should I do before coming?

The answer to this depends on your experience as a cyclist, your reasons for wanting to come cycling in the Alps and your objectives for the season, if any. Obviously, the fitter you are, the more you will enjoy a week of climbing. We suggest that you train at least twice per week in the three to four months leading up to the week with us, and that you do as much climbing as possible. You should aim to have cycled at least 1500 km since the start of the year.
If weather conditions or time pressures make it impossible to do many long rides, you should aim to do at least three sessions per week on a home trainer. Make sure that you do a variety of specific 60 to 90 minutes sessions targeted at developing velocity, force and power.
Contact us if you’d like more detailed guidelines or a sample training plan.

Do I need insurance?

We suggest that all clients use our package specific insurance created by one pro cycling insurance who will supply us with all the relevant paper work once you have signed up to the policy.


All persons booking a holiday cycling in the Alps are required to have insurance in order to cover the cost of assistance and repatriation in the event of accident or illness. The insurance must provide specific cover for cycling and should cover the following risks: medical expenses, personal accident, personal liability, emergency rescue, repatriation if you become too ill to travel, cancellation or curtailment of your holiday, travel delay, loss or delay to your baggage, loss or theft of personal effects and legal expenses.
Luxury Cycling Breaks will not be held responsible for any personal injury, death or other loss or theft, damage or inconvenience suffered by you as a result of making a booking with us, whether caused by accident, cancelation or delays, unless it can be shown that the company is in breach of its contractual and legal duty.
We will ask you to provide a copy of your insurance policy at the latest during check-in on arrival. You will not be able to participate in cycling activities without documentary proof of your insurance. We reserve the right to cancel your holiday without compensation if you are not able to provide us with the details of an adequate insurance policy. You agree to indemnify us from any claim arising from your failure to comply with this condition.

What should I bring with me?

The most important thing to bring for a week of cycling in the Alps is your good humour and a sense of fun! For a checklist of more material items, please see below. Please tell us if we have forgotten something!

  • Bike

  • Spare inner tubes (2)

  • Cycle computer

  • Heart rate chest strap

  • Bottles (you will have some in your goodie bag)

  • Cycling helmet

  • Thermal shirts long sleeve

  • Thermal shirts short sleeve (2)

  • Cycling Jersey short sleeve (2 – 3)

  • Cycling Jersey long sleeve (2)

  • Cycling shorts (2)

  • Cycling tights ¾ or long

  • Cycling Gloves (summer)

  • Cycling Gloves (long, waterproof, mid-season)

  • Cycling socks (5 pairs)

  • Arm warmers

  • Leg warmers

  • GoreTex or similar waterproof jacket

  • Windproof jacket

  • Lightweight rain jacket

  • Cycling sun glasses

  • Cycling shoes

  • Cycling waterproof overshoes

  • Cap or balaclava

  • Chamois cream

  • Sun cream

What gears do you recommend?

Very strong, competitive amateurs can use the same gearing, but most will be much more comfortable with a 34/50 compact chainset and a bigger cassette (for example 12-27).
If your current bike is fitted with a standard chainset you might want to consider borrowing or purchasing a compact. There is a big difference between powering up a relatively short hill in the south of England and climbing a long Alpine col. The first might take you no more than ten or fifteen minutes, whereas the second might take you anywhere from an hour and fifteen minutes to two hours.

Do you supply energy bars gels etc for the rides?

Yes we supply all your cycling nutrition on our breaks but please if you have a preference please bring your own.

What does the support vehicle do?

  • Collection of warm or changes of kit for the days ride.

  • Mechanical support.

  • Picnic lunches.

  • Constant supply of water and snacks.

  • Photography.

  • Transport home from the end of your ride where needed.

  • Emergency first aid.

  • A comfy seat if you fancy a rest.

The support vehicle will be on hand at all times providing easy access to clothing, food or spares.
We are there to look after you as much as possible, if you require clothing, water or food simply  wave down the support van whenever it’s passing. We will stop at the next available place. We will
always do our best to be waiting for you at the top of climbs, ready to give you extra clothing to  keep warm. Often you’ll want to shed some layers after a descent, we will stop at the first safe place to allow you to readjust your clothing.

Will you meet me at the airport?

Yes. We will meet you at the airport specified within the tour details. We may well have to meet group members arriving on different flights so do be prepared for a short wait. Where possible we will inform you in advance if this is the case.

Will I get a refund if I cancel?

Please read the information on our terms and conditions.